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Aquinas Carondelet Services

Skilled Nursing

Our staff consists of expierence home health nurses with backgrounds in acute care.

Areas of expertise include:

  • Geriatric
  • Pulmonary
  • Mental Health
  • Wounds/Ostomies
  • Diabetes Education

Care is planned using clinically proven best practices.

Goals are planned in collaboration with patient and their physician.

Speech Therapy

We identify and assess communication cognition and swallowing difficulties.

We also teach exercies to improve verbal and non-verbal skills, increase swallowing and/or cognitive abilities.

Physical Therapy

Our staff work with the following:

  • Gait training with or without equipment
  • Techniques to increase joint mobility
  • Skilled Therapy for pain control
  • Home exercise programs
  • Assist post-hospitalization patients with function, mobility, and safety in their homes

Respiratory Therapy

  • • Patient evaluation
  • • Pulmonary rehabilitation
  • • Pulmonary disease education
  • • Pulmonary medication education and reconciliation
  • • Care plan support
  • • Respiratory equipment training
  • • Respiratory in-services
  • • Communication facilitator
  • • Clinical staff support
  • • Pneumonia prevention
  • • Review of infection control practices
  • • Following patients within the continuum of care

Occupational Therapy

We do instruction for self care and safety in the home.

Our staff teach muscle re-education and skills used for daily living.

We also offer instruction in the use of adaptave equipment.

Medical Social Work

If you team with Aquinas Carondelet using our skilled services, if needed, we will assist in locating resources for finances, food, transportation and medication.

We can assist in obtaining alternative placement and respite care.

We offer counseling for health-related problems as well.

Registered Dietitian

Aquinas Carondelet staff assess patients' and clients' nutritional and health needs.

We counsel patients on nutrition issues and healthy eating habits.

We also develop meal and nutrition plans, taking both clients' preferences and budgets into account.

Heart Failure Nurse Practitioner

Aquinas Carondelet has a trained clinical team that establishes a plan of care focused on increasing quality of life.

Objective monitoring for change in signs and symptoms suggestive of response to treatment. Promptly identify and address relevant changes in clinical status.

We have collaborative communication from our clinical team with the Cardiologist and Primary Care Physicain.